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Dec 23 / Great Apes

Music of 2019

I think this was maybe not the best year for music in recent memory. I certainly didn’t hear as many great albums as I did last year. Nevertheless, there are always lots of good albums – more than I could possibly listen to, so here are the 15 I enjoyed the most. As is often the case, the list leans heavily towards post-rock and metal, but there’s a decent mix of other stuff, I think. Half of these albums are instrumental, with another few having only intermittent vocals.

15. Shelters by Bars of Gold

14. Altid Sammen by Efterklang

Unfortunately Efterklang haven’t uploaded any full songs to any of the free streaming sites, so all I can embed here is a 30 second sample.

13. The Fleeting Light of Impermanence by The Appleseed Cast

12. March by Wander

11. The Undivided Five by A Winged Victory for the Sullen

This is ambient classical music. Not for everyone! But very good at what it is.

10. Frames by Lorenzo Masotto

9. Blood Year by Russian Circles

8. A Dawn to Fear by Cult of Luna

7. In Search of the Miraculous by Desperate Journalist

6. Nowhere Now Here by Mono

5. It Won’t Be Like This All the Time by The Twilight Sad

Looks like they haven’t put any songs on any of the free streaming sites so you’ll just have to take my word on this one.

4. Nighttime Stories by Pelican

3. How Are We To Fight The Blight? by The Shaking Sensations

2. Gold & Grey by Baroness

1. Elegy by Dead to a Dying World

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